New features of the burner's controller.

posted 28 Jan 2014, 03:42 by Carlos Roses   [ updated 28 Jan 2014, 05:35 ]
For large burners (>1200kW), we are now including a system to record the situation of the burner if some fault happen. 
When there is a fault, all the information about the status of the controller, the list of messages, the position of the safety devices and many more information is saved in an Excel format in a standard SD memory card. 
The information also includes what were the status of the signals one second before the fault. 
This information could be sent by e-mail to our team, in order to have a fast technical assistance for the maintenance people of the user. 
It is also possible to connect the cabinet to a pc with internet access and monitor the burner from everywhere.
This is an excellent news for our customer with their equipments in isolated places, where a fast assistance is very important.