Company information

Our company ENG. ROSÉS - INTERNATIONAL provides technical advice and has been selling industrial gas burners of WAYLER S.A. for more than a decade. Since 2004 we have provided the same services in Europe.

The successes led us in 2009 to establish ourselves in Nord Italy in order to assemble the gas burners with Italian components and burner bodies from WAYLER S.A. of Argentina.

From 2015, the in line burners are totally made in Italy.

This solution allows us to deliver high quality gas burners with short delivery times and excellent prices.

Most of our burners are custom made. To achieve this we work closely with our customer's technical department to deliver a burner that is tailored specifically to their needs.

All burners are built according to European standards, including EN 746-2 (Industrial thermo processing equipment – Part 2- Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems). But we also manufacture burners that meet the standards UL, NFPA, CSA for the U.S. and Canadian market. Our burners are also certificated for Ukraine and EAC for Russia and their economic union.

Due to the continuous growing of the company, from September 2017, we have incorporated a new partner: Leonardo Roses PH.D. who is specialist in energy engineering. As a result the company has changed to ENG. ROSES INTERNATIONAL S.R.L.