Ukraine Certificate

Post date: Jan 28, 2012 4:26:14 PM

We have obtained the certification that allows to import and use in Ukraine, our whole series of "in line" burners.

This type of equipment is the most suitable to use in grain drying.

In particular our burners, thanks to the precise regulation of their output, even when you must work at very low temperatures, make them particularly suitable for both dry corn to sunflowers in the same dryer (if the design and control of the dryer allows) .

In addition, the burner control board, through its integrated mini-computer, clearly informs, in the local language, operating conditions and explicitly identifies the causes of an alarm.

For unanticipated problems (e.g. a broken cable), allows to record in a standard SD memory card, the necessary data for a quick solution. Through these data, sent by e-mail to our service team, you can quickly detect the cause of the failures.

Although we have service in Ukraine, with highly qualified staff, these advantages of our equipment, results in shorter downtime for maintenance. And this is a particularly important point in the grain dryers.