Innovative capacity regulation system

Post date: Apr 10, 2011 7:08:21 AM

We have developed a capacity control system for burners that fires at changing oven pressure.

The system gives a perfect flame throughout the operating range of the burner, regardless of variation that may be in the furnace pressure.

So no more yellow flame or very "hard" flame when you change the product or the drying conditions in the oven.

When a standard burner is set to work at different pressures of the combustion chamber, they are usually adjusted to an intermediated point. But if variation in the furnace pressure are higher than 2 or 3 mbar, the amount of air passing through the burner can vary by more than 50%. This can lead to severe variations in the quality of the flame. Which could turn yellow, seriously affecting the whole environment due the radiation, or can become very "hard" decreasing the life of the burner.

With our innovative system, the gas/air ratio remains constant as the pressure within the combustion zone can vary up to 10mbar.

So to adjust the power of the burner, it is only needed to control the air flow of the combustion fan, then the capacity regulation system automatically adjust the gas flow to the pre setted gas/air ratio.

We are supplying this system for textil and nonwoven applications, and can be used in all of our air heater burners, in line model MJ3 and packaged RBP.